Kathleen Ashley

I am so thankful for Dr. Wang and glad I decided to come to him for my 3D Lasik surgery. I felt very comfortable that I was in great hands and knew the results would be fantastic! During surgery he discovered that I have a genetic corneal disorder and now that we are aware of it, I can be sure to get my family tested, in order to avoid any potential vision loss. It’s important to have a doctor who is not only an expert in Lasik surgery, but who is also an expert in other diseases/disorders of the eye. Dr. Wang is fantastic and his fantastic and his staff are friendly and helpful. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR.WANG!

-Kathleen Ashley

Kathryn Nobels

My Lasik Surgery was incredible. The staff was wonderful. There was no pain, it was easy and not at all like I expected. But most of all, I was so impressed with Dr. Wang. His compassion and caring manner, and his professionalism was wonderful. I could see the next morning. I would recommend him to EVERYONE. This is almost like a miracle.

Kathryn Nobels-

Megan Kindrick

My experience at Dr. Wang’s has been nothing short of exceptional. I had my initial surgery for correction in December of 2011. I had many eye problems prior to that and didn’t know how the healing process would go. Dr. Wang’s team monitored my vision closely for the next year and saw a slight regression in my vision. They came up with a plan once my vision was stable to do a “touch up” procedure. They didn’t just complete my initial procedure and forget about me, they were invested in my final result and satisfaction.

-Megan Kindrick

Peter Chung-WVI Testimony

Thank you Dr. Wang for this gift of sight. Your staff and doctors were so friendly and helpful. This procedure was a graduation gift from my Parents that will be greatly appreciated for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Wang!

Putsy Todd-WVI Testimony

I am one day post surgery and could not be more pleased with the result of my Lasik procedure from Dr. Ming Wang. Not only has my vision corrected to 20/20 but I feel as though I’ve been made part of an incredibly supportive family dedicated to the ongoing health of my eyes/vision. Initially, I did extensive research in choosing to have Lasik and in ultimately choosing Wang Vision institute. I knew Dr. Wang was an expert in his field. But that doesn’t always tell the whole story regarding patient care and follow up. I can gratefully report that from the first moment I arrived at Wang Vision Institute I was met with the highest level of organization, constant concern, and kindness. It immediately became apparent that Dr. Wang and his entire staff’s goal was to accommodate my every need and to assure that my result was successful. Throughout my full day of examinations, tests, and procedure, the wang vision institute staff provided many extras such as an unlimited supply of food and beverages, movies, and even an amazing gel manicure! Probably the best part was the phone call I received from Dr. Wang in the evening just to make sure I was well. This is a Dr. who truly cares. THANK YOU WANG VISION INSTITUTE!